Inspiration: Botanic with a bit of Pompeii

Botanic Gardens, Glasgow 

When I first began my initial thoughts and sketches on the design of the space, I felt that nature would play a vital part in the design. Nature is such an important element as it creates a particular atmosphere when implemented in the correct way. I took inspiration from Glasgow's Botanic Gardens. The peacefulness and sensory experience it creates is what I would like people to experience within the hotel. This main atrium space within The Briggait I feel will benefit from this greatly, as the height and size of the space has the capacity for nature to be introduced in many different ways. 

Pompeii, Province of Naples

In September 2017 I visited Pompeii, Italy. I was inspired by the stonework, the tiles and the separation of space within the various areas. The combination of stonework and greenery I believe can be implemented into my design for this hotel, as the mixture of shapes and patterns from Pompeii and the atmosphere and feel of the Botanics would mould well together and in turn create a harmonious and beaitful space. 

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