We live in a world...

We live in a world that is rapidly and continuously growing, and developing.

We live in a world that is so advanced in technology that we sometimes cannot keep up with the changes.


We live in a world that is beautiful, scenic and quite simply breath-taking. There are so many places to explore, so many things to take in and digest, but how many of us have the chance to do or see these places?


We all have that feeling of desire. That need or desperation within us to explore can sometimes encompass our every being, and the urge to take the plunge and tick off that never-ending bucket list is never far from our minds.


We all have had that feeling to explore, but how easy is it for us to do this? How accessible is the rest world to us?


My focus for this project is accessibility. Through watching and admiring the growth of my nephew over the past 12 years, I’ve noticed the increased difficulty that has come with his disabilities. Everything he requires is expensive, everything he needs has to be fought for and when something as simple and unwinding, relaxing and taking a well-deserved holiday is inevitably around the corner, as it always is for most of us, it is almost impossible to find suitable and accessible accommodation to allow them to take this time.


Accessibility is an overlooked and an incredibly critical issue in our society and through this project, I hope to show that this can be changed. 

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